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Visiting Expert - Testimony Mareeba State High School

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Sandra Grimm 03 May, 2018 Careers Information

Visiting Expert - Testimony Mareeba State High School

Another beautiful testimony from Mareeba State High School on Jordan's visit to the Far North... 

On Monday 30th April, 150 Year 8 and 9 Science students and 5 teachers from Mareeba State High School attended a talk from a visiting Scientist from the University of Queensland. Jordan Debono works in the Venom Evolutionary Laboratory at UQ and was recently awarded the QLD Women in STEM award for her research into snake venom and its applications in medical treatments involving blood. Jordan spoke about her schooling life and how she got into her field of research. She was a very inspiring guest speaker who focused on the importance of following your passions, working hard and being persistent and resilient in the face of obstacles. The students of Mareeba State High School were very interested in Jordan’s presentation and asked her many questions about her journey and research and many may have been inspired to follow in her footsteps. Just remember students that venomous animal should only be handled a trained expert!

Thank you to Jordan Debono for her time and to Angela Toppin and the Business Liaison Association for providing the students with this opportunity.

Jason Richardson
Head of Department - Science
Mareeba State High School



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