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Visiting Expert - Suzanne Nguyen (String)

Business Liaison Association

Kerrie Stanley 05 August, 2019 Visiting Experts Program

Visiting Expert - Suzanne Nguyen (String)


Approx 56 year 9 students were involved in 2 x 1 hour presentations.

"String arrived with enthusiasm and transmitted that to a class that was engaged throughout her presentation. She used their current knowledge of Social Media to open up a world of entrepreneurial possibilities to students. An exercise to determine their passion continued with a step by step plan of how to use it to their advantage. Some students had business ideas and had already begun brain storming on the next steps to take before the lesson ended. Others had a world of possibility opened up for them and I'm sure will make use of the information at a later date. All in all an informative and worthwhile visit."

Teacher - Trinity Bay High School



The Secret of Fried Chicken That No One is Talking About

By Yaseerah Coovadia - Redlynch State College

Last week Friday, Redlynch State College’s business students (yrs 8-11) had the pleasure of meeting String Nguyen, a businesswoman who has been pioneering videos on social media for the past three years. Her wide smile and bright enthusiasm lit up the room. String walked us through her life story, where she emphasised that ‘your past does not define your future'. The young Melbourne entrepreneur got many of us wondering if a future business plan using our wildest dreams and our values as a starting point, which I found was a very unique twist on the whole thinking process. 

Along with her engaging presentation, her love for fried chicken left everyone energised and hungry! Her speech outlined the importance of visual branding, and for her, fried chicken is what she uses as a top-of-mind marketing tool. String said that her lifelong dream is to travel the globe and taste every type of fried chicken in each culture, which I found very inspiring as I love to learn and experience different cultures. She will definitely be the first thing that pops into my head when I hear the terms “Fried Chicken”.

In the words of String,





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