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Visiting Expert Program - Stuart Cook - Engineer

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Kerrie Stanley 03 May, 2019 Gifted and Talented Programs

Visiting Expert Program - Stuart Cook - Engineer

Visiting Expert Program - Stuart Cook - Engineer

St Stephen's Catholic College

We had 6 year 12 students (pictured) and for the first session we also had 11 year 11 students join our group– I am unable to provide photos of the year 11’s, as the only photos taken were group photos, and we have 2 students who do not give media consent.

Keith was the only teacher able to be present with Stuart for the session, however both Paul and I joined Stuart and Keith for lunch and an informal chat.

Keith and the students all loved Stuart’s presentation, it was exceptionally well received. The students and Keith found the sessions engaging and informative. Thank you again for the time and effort that have gone into planning this event for the benefit of our students.

Kind regards
Toni Smith

Woree State High School

On the 1st of May, Woree SHS had the privilege of hosting Stuart Cook, the 2018 Young Engineer of the Year. Stuart presented to a number of yr 10 classes throughout the day. The first 3 sessions were focused on life as an Engineer. Stuart told us his story, from growing up loving lego, getting into Griffith Uni in a Bachelor of Engineering, to now managing 400 million dollar projects.

The final session saw Stuart presenting to one of our yr 10 WPL (Work Pathways and Learning class). Here Stuart audience were mostly ATAR bound students.  Stuart spoke about how he has used Enterprise Skills in his career.  This group had lots of questions and really enjoyed hearing about Stuart’s role in relation to the Smithfield bypass.

In total, Stuart presented to approximately 80 students and 3 teachers. This was a wonderful experience for Woree SHS, and we would love to have him back again one day.

Cairns State High School

Stuart Cook was very well received by students at Cairns State High School. He was able to visit and interact with a class of Year 11 Engineering and a class of Year 9 Design & Technology students, while they worked on a bridge building project. I believe it was valuable for him to see what the potential future graduates are doing in the school environment that aligns with the profession.

Stuart then delivered his presentation to a group of about 50 students who gave up there lunch time to attend. Students later feedback that they found it particularly helpful to hear about the best way to make themselves employable after completing an Engineering degree and the range of Engineering Industry pathways available.  Stuart interacted with adolescents well and was able to hold their attention and answer their questions.

Total Students participating: Approximately 60

Total teachers participating: 4

Sandro Cossa
HOD Industrial & Digital Technology


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