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Visiting Expert Program - QIMR Visit

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Kerrie Stanley 23 August, 2019 Visiting Experts Program

Visiting Expert Program - QIMR Visit



We love it when the QIMR visits the schools in our region.  This year they visited 

  • Tagai State School - Thursday Island
  • Trinity Bay State High School x 2 visits
  • St Mary's Catholic College
  • Cairns State High School

Testimony from St Mary's Catholic College

The visit on Friday 23rd August by the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) was very beneficial to the students who attended. The lectures were informative, pitched at the right level and very engaging. All students in the room found something of interest to them personally from each of the three short lectures. The presence of Professor Georgia was an inspiration to a few of our female students who have a strong desire to study science post high school. The lecture by Dr Gordon was interesting and it was great to see the kids grossed out but well engaged as many samples of the parasites were passed around. Professor Martin’s lecture was wonderful where he clearly explained how we can tell when genetics plays a role in physical attributes and even personality traits. Overall feedback from the students who attended is that they’d be very interested in attending next year if and when the lecture series came back to St Marys’ Catholic College.

There were 40 students in attendance from year 10 through to year 12. The year 11’s were asked to attend during their scheduled Biology class and the year 12’s were asked to attend during their scheduled Health class and they found value in attending, there were several year 11’s, 12’s and 10’s who elected to attend also. There was myself as a member of staff and one other teacher who was relief staff for the year 12 Health class.

Kastelle Gane
Science & Math Teacher




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