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Visiting Expert Program - Prof Anthony Gray - Law

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Wendy Finegan 26 October, 2020 Visiting Experts Program

Visiting Expert Program - Prof Anthony Gray - Law

Professor Gray Visits FNQ Schools


Redlynch State College had 48 students from years 10 & 11 with 3 teachers for the session with Anthony Gray.  He also spoke with a year 12 student one on one around specific topics.

The students extremely engaged throughout the entire session with all students providing opinions of the discussion topics.  Students were vocal and showed maturity beyond their years.  It was one of the best sessions provided to the college.

Students were full of praise for Anthony Gray and are in support for future visits.

The 75 minute session was beneficial for staff - they now know the students have a voice and will use it.



Maurice Andrejic
Head of Campus - Secondary
Redlynch State College | Secondary Campus


Dr Gray's visit today was excellent. The students enjoyed the approach taken whereby he involved them in debating ideals. He certainly also challenges their current approach to justifying a legal argument which I have been also doing (but it always seems to sink in when an external person does the same. He spoke directly with the Year 11s and gave permission to be recorded in which I will play for the Year 12s (which he provided excellent information in a simple form which will be useful for the upcoming external exam). Therefore a total of 30 students and myself benefitted from this experience. Unfortunately I only have 1 photo but there is approval as no student faces are shown. Sorry, we were focussed in the conversation. I would be very keen to see this happen again next year. 



Prue Vaughan 
Middle Leader Curriculum

St Stephen’s Catholic College


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