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Visiting Expert Program - Evie Wilstead - Fashion Designer

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Kerrie Stanley 22 July, 2019 Visiting Experts Program

Visiting Expert Program - Evie Wilstead - Fashion Designer


I would like to thank you for organizing the school visits with Evie Wilsteed. Below is the program for the afternoon:

Program for Wednesday 24th July

1:30 Arrive at School - Session with students Grade 4 to Grade 9

This session was during the students lunch time approximately 22 students were present.

2:15 Session with students from Grade 10 & 11

This was run as an afternoon session with 18 students in attendance.

2:45 Afternoon Tea

As Babinda P12 State School does not offer Needlework or Visual Art as face to face subjects, I asked Evie if she could talk about her journey and help the students of Babinda realize that anything is possible if you are determined.

Both sessions were a success with Primary students asking lots of "adult" questions and the Seniors and myself had a discussion regarding Evie's clothing range and adapting it to the North Queensland/Babinda climate.

Pauline Phillips
Community Pathways Officer
WH&S Advisor
Babinda P12 State School


She was great, the kids seemed to enjoy her presentation and she was very easy to talk to. She spoke at the kids level which made it easy for them to understand. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have someone like her come to our school and talk to the students. As you can imagine they wouldn’t get the opportunity to be exposed to something like that. 

Amanda Murador

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