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Visiting Expert Program - Bronwyn Smithies STEM

Business Liaison Association

Kerrie Stanley 19 March, 2020 Visiting Experts Program

Visiting Expert Program - Bronwyn Smithies STEM

Visiting Expert Program - Bronwyn Smithies STEM

Visit to Trinity Anglican School by UQ Young Science Ambassador Bronwyn Smithies

Bronwyn visited TAS on Thursday, March 19, 2020 and addressed a group of 98 students. The participating students were in years 10-12. All students studying Biology, Chemistry, Marine Science or Physics in year 11 or 12 were present. The year 10 students comprised my own science class, which was scheduled for that time.

Bronwyn spoke with warmth and confidence and she pitched her presentation at the ideal level for our students. I was very interested to hear about her work and indeed the experiences that have led her to where she is today.

Apart from myself, there was one other supervising teacher present.

The students were generally a captivated group and several have since voluntarily approached me to tell me how much they enjoyed listening to Bronwyn’s journey, and they commented on how worthwhile the presentation had been. Personally, I thought she gave the students great insight into the sorts of opportunities that exist in science and some fascinating areas of research.

I am grateful to the Business Liaison Association and Wonder of Science UQ for providing this opportunity for our students and would like to thank Angela Toppin for her wonderful organisational role.

Kerry Moyer
Head of Faculty, Science
Trinity Anglican School

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