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Visiting Expert Program - Amy Chan - STEM

Business Liaison Association

Kerrie Stanley 03 May, 2019 Gifted and Talented Programs

Visiting Expert Program - Amy Chan - STEM

Visiting Expert Program - Amy Chan - STEM

Bently Park College

Young Science Ambassador UQ visit - Amy Chan

On Thursday 2nd May Science select students in years 8 and 10 were lucky enough to attend a presentation by Amy Chan, the Young Science Ambassador for UQ, as part of the Wonder of Science program. Amy spoke to the groups about her work in the field of molecular bioscience on how the body protects us from disease and viruses. She then spoke more specifically about the work she is doing for her PhD looking at the immune response of inflammation and how it might be controlled to better protect us. It was a fascinating insight into the everyday working of our body to protect us and allowed the students to appreciate the hard and valuable work that PhD students undertake. Student also gained an understanding of what a PhD is and the studies required to undertake one.

A big thank you to Amy for sharing her passion for the bioscience with us and to the Wonder of Science and Business Liaison Association who organised and funded Amy’s visit to Cairns.

Kind regards

Kim Wilson
HOD Science





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