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Visiting Engineer - Scott Snedden

Business Liaison Association

Wendy Finegan 31 May, 2021 Visiting Experts Program

Visiting Engineer - Scott Snedden

Visiting Expert - Scott Snedden Architect


Thanks for arranging Scott to come and visit, students really enjoyed it. It was actually a beautiful sunny day for him so Malanda on show ha ha

  • 25 students across year 10-12 who are interested in pursuing Engineering related fields
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the activity, challenging and thought provoking
  • Questions asked and answered particularly around varying fields within Engineering, we often have a number of students every year go into Engineering at University so this is very helpful
  • Teacher Mr Dumbrell – Physics, Specialist Maths (not photography!

Selena Harding 

Malanda State High School


Scott Snedden an experienced Construction Engineer from Adelaide, South Australia presented to our senior Engineering, Building and Construction, Maths Methods and Physics students about his experiences and what it takes to become an Engineer. He provided detailed insight by sharing his experiences such as stints in Timor as an Australian youth ambassador working on the construction redevelopment; the Christchurch earthquake recovery as a structural advisor and building bridges for flood prone areas in the Northern Territory. The students were given examples of real-world problems that can be solved by using algorithms or skills taught and developed at school. Scott asked all the students to plan and construct a bridge out of spaghetti, paper, masking tape and a piece of rope, to specific dimensions and time constraints. Regardless of the constraints set by our guest all of the students met his challenge to construct their bridge design. Participation was frantic with students folding, sticking, bending their materials to try and complete the task. Mr Snedden was impressed by the forethought and enthusiasm of the students involved and willingly encouraged them to pursue any interest that they have in the Engineering field. Mareeba State High would like to thank the BLA for providing this opportunity for our students and also thank Mr Sneddon for this interactive and thought-provoking presentation.

Mareeba State High School

Scott Snedden pictured with students from Mareeba State High School





Students from Redlynch State College with Scott Snedden



Our College welcomed Mr Scott Sneddon, National Young Engineer of the Year 2019.

Mr Sneddon took time out from his schedule to come and speak with our Year 11/12 Engineering students about his career in Engineering. Students were also tasked with performing an engineering project in a 20 minute timeframe.

We sincerely thank Mr Sneddon for his time today. We would also like to acknowledge the Business Liaison Association and Engineers Australia for sponsoring this visit.


Redlynch State College

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