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Visiting Architect - Tanya Golitschenko

Business Liaison Association

Wendy Finegan 10 March, 2023 Visiting Experts Program

Visiting Architect - Tanya Golitschenko

Visiting Architect - Tanya Golitschenko


"The students invited to this visit were the Year 11 and 12 Design students, the Year 11 and 12 Engineering students and the Year 10 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students. In total, around 80 students attended the afternoon.

The afternoon involved three sections;

  1. The students came over to join Tanya for lunchtime, and Tanya actively spoke with the students.
  2. Tanya delivered her presentation to the students. Her presentation was extremely informative and was eagerly embraced by the students, as the attached photos demonstrate. Following her presentation, Tanya took questions from the audience, which were interesting and widespread.
  3. For the last session, Tanya met with the Design, Engineering and STEM teachers and the Head of Technology, and we discussed what we teach, and she gave us feedback from her perspective on what she saw as important.

I think it can be said that from the school’s point of view, Tanya’s visit greatly benefited both students and staff, and we thank Tanya for the time and effort she put into her visit and presentation."


Colin Free
Design Teacher 

St Mary’s Catholic College


St Mary's Catholic College students enjoying a visit from Visiting Architect  Tanya Golitschenko


"Tanya Golitschenko spoke to approximately 25 aspiring year 12 Engineers and Architects. Her personal journey of how she came to be an architect, in a male dominated industry, has given great insight into what is ahead for any student pursuing this career. Her overview of  current and past projects had the students’ attention from the start to the finish.

Thanks BLA for providing this opportunity."


Drew Dundas

HOD Technology

Redlynch State College | Campus


Redlynch State College Students pictured with Tanya Golitschenko

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