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UQ Visiting Troupe Visit - Redlynch State College

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Kerrie Stanley 03 August, 2018 Careers Information

UQ Visiting Troupe Visit - Redlynch State College

UQ Visiting Troupe - Redlynch State College

There were 2 types of presentations done by the Physics Troup while at Redlynch State College.  A presentation and a class workshop.

Year 6 and 7 Students - approx. 280 students, 12 staff
Feedback - engaging, level of presentation suited the age range of students, generated good conversations

Class Workshop
Science Excellence students - Year 7-10
22 students, 3 staff
Feedback - excellent, range of activities had students thinking, maths and knot theory activities were very interesting, engaged the students across the range of year levels (and the staff!)

Massive thanks to the BLA for supporting the Physics Troupe returning to Cairns again this year. It has been 7 years since Andrew and his team visited Redlynch State College, looking forward to them returning again.

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