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Scott Millar - Enterprise Workshops - Mossman State High School

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Kerrie Stanley 06 August, 2018 Careers Information

Scott Millar - Enterprise Workshops - Mossman State High School

Scott Millar - Enterprise Workshops - Mossman State High School

Many thanks from students and staff at Mossman State High School for offering the opportunity to participate in enterprise workshops with Scott Millar.

Scott ran two seventy-minute workshops with a total of approximately one hundred students and four teachers. The first workshop was attended by Year 9 and 10 students from Business Studies, Digital Technology, Graphics and Design subjects. The second workshop was attended by Year 11 and 12 students from Business Communication and Technologies and Technologies Studies subjects. While of interest to all these student cohorts, the visit is particularly relevant to Year 9 students who will be developing their own business ideas next term.

Feedback from students highlights the key take-home message from Scott’s workshops: that businesses can be generated from simple solutions to simple problems; that businesses can start small and grow over time into larger enterprises; and that young people can begin their careers as entrepreneurs right now. Students said that they felt inspired by Scott’s visit and by the examples of successful young entrepreneurs. Scott’s demonstration of his hologram technology added the ‘wow!’ factor.

It was a pleasure for the teachers to meet a dynamic and knowledgeable young entrepreneur. We are very interested in any of Scott’s future visits to schools, particularly his idea of running longer sessions with a focus on digital technologies. We will be keeping in touch with his activities through his mailing list.

Thank you once again for organising and sponsoring Scott’s visit to Mossman State High School.

Helen Ramoutsaki
Business and English Teacher - Mossman State High School


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