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Wendy Finegan 06 September, 2021 Careers Information



presents "Plastic Fantastic! Or not so Fantastic?"

with Dr Nathan Boase - QUT


We had a wonderful visit by Dr Nathan Boase this morning. Nathan delivered his entertaining presentation to the Year 11 Chemistry students and then repeated his presentation immediately for all of Year 9 and some Year 12 Chemistry students. This was approximately 100 students in total and 5 staff.

It was a really entertaining lecture with lots of fun experiments that really engaged the students, the topic was delivered at the right level so students really understood the concepts. Well done Nathan you  did a fantastic job. Thank you for this opportunity to have Nathan visit our college..


Michelle Cummings

Head of Science

Peace Lutheran College

Students from Peace Lutheran College enjoying Dr Boase's presentation.


On Monday 30th August senior chemistry and biology and select year 9 students were lucky enough to attend a presentation by Dr Nathan Boase, as part of the O’Donnell Schools Lecture organised by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Dr Boase presented on the topic “Plastic Fantastic! Or not so fantastic?” He spoke about different types of plastics, their properties and uses and explained why some can be recycled while others can’t.  He linked the use of everyday plastics to the properties of that particular polymer and explained why plastics take so long to break down in the environment. Throughout the presentation Dr Boase conducted a number of demonstrations and interesting experiments to help students better understand the concepts he was explaining. A particular hit was the ‘magic liquid’ demonstration!

It was fantastic to hear from a scientist and educator that is so passionate about the field of Chemistry and loves sharing their knowledge with others. He really sparked the enthusiasm and interest of the students through the practical demonstrations and examples of complex concepts.  
A big thank you to Dr Boase for sharing his expertise and love of science and to RACI, QUT and the Cairns Business Liaison Association who organise and fund the lecture series.


Kim Wilson

HOD Science

Bentley Park College


Nathan did at great job at engaging and interacting with the students at their level. The hands on and experimental approach to the lecture engaged them and initiated conversation and thinking within the group.

Nathan also presented our RACI Titration Competition High Distinction and Distinction certificates to our recipients.

Allison Sneddon

HOD Science

Redlynch State College


Students from Redlynch State College attending RACI lecture


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