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RACI Lecture Tour

Business Liaison Association

Wendy Finegan 29 August, 2023 Visiting Experts Program

RACI Lecture Tour

RACI Lecture Tour

Dr William Gee


"Dr Gee visited Trinity Bay SHS on Thursday and delivered a 1.5 hour presentation/ QA session. Students were enthralled and had enormous numbers of questions. Dr Gee was very engaging and the level of scientific content was aimed perfectly for the age of the participants. He was humorous, included some sensitive content which made them feel like adults, but clearly briefed and prepared students for what they were about to see. Even though the talk was about death and murder, the topic was treated sensitively and scientifically. The following day, a number of students who had not attended expressed their disappointment after hearing how great it was."


Trinity Bay State High School

Students from Trinity Bay State High School pictured with Dr William Gee


"Dr William Gee presented two sessions during his visit to BPC, the first sessions consisted of the year 8 Aspire class and year 11 Chemistry while the second session was to year 10 Aspire class and year 12 Science in Practice students. Dr Gee presented on a variety of interesting cases in the forensics space including death by misadventure due to hypothermia and a variety of poisoning cases.  He spoke about different markers and evidence that forensic scientists look for and collect and the impact of certain poisons on the body. Dr Gee gave a fascinating insight into evidence in both historic and current poisoning cases. Students were engaged in the sessions and participated in discussions about the different ways the body works or responds to change. Dr Gee also spoke about his journey to studying forensics and gave students encouragement to continue with subjects and areas that they are interested in.  Thank you to BLA for giving BPC students the opportunity to attend the session, it was a fascinating insight into the world of forensic science."


Bentley Park College


Bentley Park College Students pictured with Dr William Gee

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