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Jordan Debono Visiting Expert

Business Liaison Association

Kerrie Stanley 08 May, 2018 Careers Information

Jordan Debono Visiting Expert

Jordan was excellent.  She is perfect for selling science at Uni to all students, as she does not fit any stereotypical image of what science is or how research in science is conducted.  She spoke very well and had all three groups that she spoke to captivated.  I already have some budding snake researchers in Yr7, who had no idea how cool science research can be.

Yr 7: (30min) 17 students
Yr 8: (30min) 12 students
Yr 9+10 (30min) 39 students

5 different staff listen also attended the sessions.

Thank you again.  Some of my Yr10 girls have had a very different perspective of science this week after her visit.  I have attached some photos of Jordan at DSS.


Dimbulah State School P-10
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