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Engineers Without Boarders - Bentley Park College

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Kerrie Stanley 10 August, 2018 Careers Information

Engineers Without Boarders - Bentley Park College

Engineers Without Boarders - Bentley Park College

We had our Engineers Without Borders visit yesterday and it was very successful. Ruben and Sid were great presenters and the students were engaged in the activity which focused on the accessibility of electricity in developed and developing nations. We had 4 sessions throughout the day (28 year 8’s, 28 year 10’s, 28 year 7’s and 28  year 9’s) The class teacher for each group and our SOO were also involved.

The students ultimately had to come up with an idea to provide electricity in developing areas of Mexico. There were many inventive ideas. I think it was eye opening for many students who were not aware of how little accessibility to luxuries like electricity there is in developing nations. All the students who participated worked well and it definitely got them thinking more critically and creatively!

I have attached some pictures. We have more photos with the students but I still need to check who has a media release. I will send more through if I can.

Renee - Bentley Park College 

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