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ECOMAN Program

Business Liaison Association

Wendy Finegan 31 May, 2023 Visiting Experts Program

ECOMAN Program



Students from Smithfield State High School, Redlynch College, Gordonvale State High School, St Mary's Catholic College and Cairns State High School attended a 2 day ECOMAN Challenge. Sponsored by BDO Cairns, Financila Goddess, CBC Staff Selection, Grant Thortnton and the Business Liaiaon Association. 

The students are formed into three or four competing companies with each student taking a position such as Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer, Production Manager, Human Resources Manager and Marketing Manager. Under the guidance of experienced, QPEC-accredited facilitators, the students run their respective companies for a notional four years within the computer-based simulation. The students are effectively responsible for the growth and profitability of competing companies.

The facilitators encourage entrepreneurial initiatives as they present the students with a range of opportunities and challenges set against changing economic and other environments. The student managers must source supplies, manufacture, market, engage in industrial relations negotiations, deal with environmental issues and government regulation, fund their businesses, and cope with the consequences of their entrepreneurial initiatives as they seek to expand and improve their companies.

On the final day, the managers of each company present their annual results and company outlook to the “shareholders” – interested business people as well as their student competitors – at the company’s annual general meeting.

The company the students had to run was called Beatin Coffee Machine Manufacturing which had just gone into receivership. They had to rebrand the company, make changes to workforce structure and numbers, spending on technology to automate and improve workplace efficiency, training and advertising to raise productivity and ultimately share price. An example of the student’s final presentation to shareholders is attached.  The winning school was Gordonvale State High School.



"I would like to express my gratitude for sponsoring the Ecoman Program. Your sponsorship of this program allowed individuals like myself, to gain experience in growing a business and gaining a better understanding of how a business operates.  

I am presently in Year 11 at Cairns State High School studying Business, Accounting, and Legal Studies, whilst completing a Certificate IV in Justice Studies, and I found this program useful in guiding me in my career direction.

Thank you once again."


Yours sincerely,


Montana McGinty-Tyas 

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