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Jane Baxter 18 August, 2016 Gifted and Talented Programs


Each year, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI Queensland Branch) has a schools’ program and the 2016 O’Donnell Schools’ Lecture series came to Cairns as part of Science Week.

Dr Wayde Martens visited Bentley Park College and spoke to selected year 10 students, and year 11 and 12 chemistry students. The topic was photocatalysis – the speeding of a chemical reaction by light energy harvested by a catalyst.

The lecture gave an insight into how today’s scientists harness nano technology to solve major problems the world is facing including water purification, pollution and depleting sources of fossil fuels.

“Students were able to watch a demonstration highlighting how basic chemical principles can be used on much larger scales. Students were engaged and came away from the lecture with an appreciation for how important scientific endeavours are to ensure life as we know it is maintained.

"Thank you for organising this oportunity for us. It was a great way to celebrate science week!"  Renee Krause, Head of Department Science and INTAD, Bentley Park College



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