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20th Anniversary Careers Expo

Business Liaison Association

Wendy Finegan 02 September, 2021 Careers Information

20th Anniversary Careers Expo

20th Anniversary of the Cairns Youth & Careers Expo

becomes the largest event so far for the Business Liaison Association



The biggest thanks in the world also needs to go to the BLA for yet another tremendous Careers Expo. What a visit! Smithfield brought over 100 students to the Expo, ranging from year 9 through to year 12 students, including a group of 10 of our senior special needs students. This year 3 teachers and 3 teacher aides were also able to jump on the bus. Everyone was buzzing with excitement at the Expo, and the only complaint I got from students (and it was a common one) was that 2 hours was not nearly enough time for them to see and do everything, and they wished they could have stayed the entire day. Every student had a different favourite stall, ranging from Defence Force to the Kick On rowing challenge, to Aviation Australia's Helicopter and as always, the food was spoken of highly. My personal favourite was the Racing Queensland stall, and even though  I am far too tall to be a jockey, I can certainly educate my students on the traineeship opportunities available for those wanting to work with horses.


Claire Denzin,

Smithfield SHS



Smithfield State High School students enjoying the Expo



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